Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Hobbyist level account will always be free.
The easiest way to start is by adding a new Tank to your collection. Once your tank is created, you can start customizing it by adding your Coral, Inhabitants, and Gear. All of the details you provide will be availble (publically or privately) on the profile pages of your Collection.
Yes, but we do not collect payment for transactions. Currently the platform will fascilitate transactions (invoicing, transferring, tracking numbers, etc.), but not complete them. In the future we may add payment processing, but at the moment we allow members to specify their addresses for payments.
For new corals that you add, the platform allows you to upload documents that help you prove how you acquired the coral. For example, you can upload a PDF or screenshot of the receipt for your original purchase indicating origin. You can also document the growth of colonies and fragging procedures by uploading photos.
Yes, if your collections are public, they can be view by anyone with the links. We encourage you to share your pages and show off your passion. Your profile pages will all have Share buttons at the top if they are public.
Yes, but they are not yet availble for wide-scale use. If you would like help importing your collection, please submit a Support Request and we will see if we can help.
Currently our product roadmap includes more transaction tools, price tracking, and Enterprise-level analytics. We definetly encourage feature requests and will constantly be improving the platform.
Yes, if related to the platform. Enterprise accounts enjoy one-hour of complimentary bankable custom programming per month, and discounted additional hours.
Partially. Seller, Pro and Enterprise level accounts have features for co-branding the member experience. Future services may allow for more brand prominence.
Only live corals in your possession count toward level limits. Corals that have been transferred to another account or have been marked as deceased or removed are not counted.
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